QC Amp Base SHP

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2x140W stereo or 1x280W mono docking station for the Neural DSP Quad Cortex.

The Quad Cortex on the product photos is NOT included !

The pictures show the QC amp base with both optional internal DC supplies.

Please note the dropdown menu on the right and select the desired options for the internal DC supplies for the QC, and/or a pedalboard power supply!

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Data sheet

Power 2x140W max. @ 4,8,16 Ohm ; 1x 280W bridged
Suitable speaker impedances 4, 8 or 16 ohms
Fan no fan
Weight 1,9228lb
Recommended application At home, in the studio, band rehearsal, Club-gig, large stages

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QC Amp Base SHP

The QC Amp Base SHP is the powerhouse of our QC Amp Base series.

With the QC Amp Base SHP, you transform your Quad Cortex into a compact, lightweight, and portable stereo guitar amplifier setup.

The integrated stereo amplifier power is comparable to a 200++W tube amplifier head, allowing you to harness the incredible sound possibilities of the Quad Cortex anywhere in the world, both in a band context and in the studio in stereo.

You can also operate both stereo channels in bridged mode, creating a truly powerful mono amplifier that can deliver enough power for low-tuned guitars and even bass guitars.

All you need are one or two guitar cabinets to feel the interaction between sound, guitar, and your fingers in a way that's hard to achieve with other solutions like in-ear monitors.

Mounting the Quad Cortex onto the Amp Base is quick and easy. The low height of the Amp Base ensures comfortable operation of the Quad Cortex, and the slight incline makes it even better suited for live performances.

The Amp Base sits directly beneath the Quad Cortex and doesn't require any extra space on the pedalboard or stage floor.

With the Amp Base, you already have a full-fledged stereo, high-power live setup, but it gets even better!

Optionally, the Amp Base comes with an internal 12V/3A power supply that provides voltage to your Quad Cortex through a very short cable.

The advantage: Less cable clutter, and you only need one power outlet for the power cable, which then supplies both the Amp Base and the Quad Cortex simultaneously.

The original QC wall adapter can stay at home.

Are you using additional pedals, tuners, or similar devices alongside the Quad Cortex?

We've also considered this with another option!

Within the Amp Base, there's space for an additional internal 12V power supply that accommodates standard pedalboard power supplies, such as the one like:

for example.

Your total power requirement for your entire setup from just one source, using a power cable: the QC Amp Base SHP!

Specifications :

  • 2 x 140 watts @ 4+8+16 ohms stereo*
  • 1 x 280 watts @ 4+8+16 ohms mono*
  • burst power 2 x 500 watts at the stereo outputs
  • burst power 1 x 1250 watts at the bridged mono output
  • jack inputs (unbalanced)
  • speakon - 1/4" combi sockets for speaker connection
  • universal mains (85-265VAC/50-60Hz)
  • IEC socket
  • power cable included
  • weight: 1.0 kg (add 200g for each optional internal DC supply)

* The output power of the QC Amp Base Stereo High Power is limited only by the maximum capacity of its internal power supply.

This means that it can deliver its power regardless of the connected impedance (4, 8, 16 Ohms).

This also means that, for example, only one speaker connected to a stereo output can be powered with up to 280W. If both stereo outputs are connected to individual speakers, the power is divided accordingly (e.g., 2x140W).

The bridged output then also delivers a nominal 280W, but the internal voltages double, resulting in the burst power of this output more than doubling (1250W).



The missing piece of the puzzle!

Since purchasing the QC I have been experimenting with different ways of running it, and powerig the beast. The poweramp and cab solution is my preference. The Ritter amp sounds very clear and punchy at all volume levels. No change in sound quality as you turn down. And you control it all with the QC volume control. A great design and solid build. Well done!


Absolut glücklich !

Bin absolut glücklich mit dem Teil. Das klingt absolut überzeugend mit dem Quad Cortex über meine alte Fender Box mit 2 x EV 15 L.
Sehr authentische Sounds z.b. mit dem Ampeq Fliptop Models.
Mein alter Ampeq B4 hat mit seinen 100 Watt immerhin 27 kg !gewogen.

Und mit meiner etwas überdimensionierten, aber sehr leichten, 1 x 12" Box mit einem Fane Axxiom Alnico
bin ich auch für die Gitarre bestens ausgerüstet.


Für mich ein absolutes Muss...

Hallo zusammen, ich muss gestehen das ich bereits seit dem Camplifier absolut begeisterter Nutzer der Amp-Lösungen von Ritter Amps bin. Erst der Camplifier SHP, dann die Pedalboard Lösung und jetzt die QC Amp Base SHP. Was soll ich sagen, jede der Lösungen einfach top.

So, jetzt allerdings zu Bewertung der QC Amp Base SHP. Die Verarbeitung ist wie immer top, kein Schnick, kein Schnack, stabil und bühnentauglich. Die Anschlüsse sehr hochwertig und wenn man die QC Netzteiloption mit dazu ordert, dann ist hier ein kleiner Winkelstecker verbaut, welcher perfekt in den QC passt und stabil hält. Da ich ja die Qualität der Produkte von Ritter Amps gewohnt bin, dachte ich, ok, dass war's, passt so weit. In dem Fall aber weit gefehlt, ich weiß nicht wie Tilman das angestellt hat, aber die Power von dem Teil ist sagenhaft. Der Amp färbt zu 0% den Sound, Reserven satt und ich höre mittlerweile nochmal Einges mehr an Nuancen aus den Captures des QC raus. Also auch nochmal einen Riesen Schritt in Richtung Amp in the room feeling. Ich für meinen Teil würde behaupten wer da bei einem guten Capture/Profile noch einen Unterschied hört, der hört das Gras wachsen. Ich bin begeistert. Getestet habe ich das Ganze übrigens an einer 1x12er Celestion F12-FX200 / einer Vintage 30 und einer 2x12er FRFR F12-FX200. Da bleiben keine Wünsche offen. Ich kann den Amp nur wärmstens empfehlen, oh und zum Thema wärmstens, bei keinem der Ritter Amps ist Wärme jemals ein Problem. Alle die ich bis jetzt hatte, passiv gekühlt und selbst wenn man Sie foltert nur handwarm. Für mich ein echtes Muss zum QC. Damit habe ich ein kompaktes Pedalboard mit ordentlich Dampf und dem Klang genau so wie ich es will. Außerdem sei noch angemerkt das Tilman (welcher die Amps in Handarbeit selbst fertigt) immer einen Top Service bietet. Hier ist man gut aufgehoben. Bisher konnte keiner der Mitbewerber dieser Lösung das Wasser reichen. Worauf wartet Ihr noch... ;)


I am very satisfied

I ordered an QC Amp Base power amp from your Ritter Amps a little while ago and I have been playing with it for a little while now. You asked feedback so here goes.

This fall I got interested in buying the Quad Cortex. As I did my research, I came to a conclusion of few requirements that my future rig should fulfill. I wanted the Quad Cortex rig to be as light and as compact as possible. I also wanted to use it with cabs. For this I needed a power amp. I wanted my rig to be on a pedalboard and I was looking for a power amp to be used as a part of pedalboard. I also wanted my rig to be in stereo. For these purposes it seemed difficult to find a good power amp solution.

When I came across QC Amp Base I was very excited, because:

it was compact
it was designed to be used under the Quad Cortex
the housing if the amp was simple and I was fascinated on how the housing was designed to “protect” the Quad Cortex
Same cabinet outputs can be used with cabinets that have different ohm resistance.
The volume of the Quad Cortex works also as volume for the QC Amp Base.
The QC Amp Base can be used also to power the Quad Cortex.
The connection with the Quad Cortex is very simple, two plugs and a power cord.

In my past I have used guitar rigs that consist of preamps and different rack effect units and pedalboard shelves. These have been an absolute nightmare to wire. And if something does not work the troubleshooting has also been a nightmare. Also the reliability of these racks have been inconsistent. I’ve controlled these racks via midi-switching boards that alone have been bigger than my Quad Cortex rig now. Also the weight of these racks have been an issue. So this is the reason I wanted the Quad Cortex rig to be light and compact.

So what I have achieved now. Because of the QC Amp Base I have decided to not implement my Quad Cortex or the QC Amp Base to a pedalboard. This is because I have come to conclusion that I do not need a separate pedalboard. I can have the Quad Cortex on the floor on the top of the QC Amp Base. The QC Amp Base protects the Quad Cortex and lifts it up from the floor. I only need to connect my expression pedal to the Quad Cortex and the cabinets to the QC Amp Base and I am ready to go. By this solution I also save lots of space, since I can just carry my rig on my backpack. And as I explained the QC Amp Base is very simple to connect with the Quad Cortex. Now I can have a rig that is light compact and very consistent. These are a very big pluses for me and makes me a very pleased QC Amp Base owner.

So what else. QC Amp Base delivers just the volume and the headroom I was hoping for. I could not believe that the unit of its size could do this. What I have also noticed is that QC Amp Base is a very transparent and do not seem to color the sound coming from the Quad Cortex. This amp also enables me to run my rig in stereo. Since the Quad Cortex has many stereo effects, it would have been dumb not to be able to use them with cabs.

So here is my thoughts and experiences so far with the QC Amp Base. I am very satisfied with it and it was just what I was looking for. I actually might have not purchased the Quad Cortex if the QC Amp Base would have not been available. Finding the proper power amp was that big of a deal for me.

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Perfect for my needs

I’m really happy with this amp. I run it mostly in stereo but also in mono together with my QC.
Thanks for great support from mr. Ritter.
Highly recommended!

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QC Amp Base SHP

QC Amp Base SHP

2x140W stereo or 1x280W mono docking station for the Neural DSP Quad Cortex.

The Quad Cortex on the product photos is NOT included !

The pictures show the QC amp base with both optional internal DC supplies.

Please note the dropdown menu on the right and select the desired options for the internal DC supplies for the QC, and/or a pedalboard power supply!