Warranty and Right of Return

Terms of Warranty

A 24 Months Warranty applies on all new goods, from the date they are delivered to you (transfer of perils), exluding replacement parts.The nature and extent of the warranty can be found together with the appropriate descriptions of the goods.

The Right of Return

The period for "right of return" or exchange at RITTER Amplification is 14 days from the delivery-date.

The reimbursement of the appropriate amount will be carried out by cheque, by a transfer to your bank account, or if payment was with credit card, via a credit note to your credit card account.

Excluded from this right of return are unsealed data processing media, such as Software, DVDs, CDs, and Books and Replacemnetparts.

Furthermore, all goods that have been ordered especially for you, or customised items built to your specifications, are excluded from the right of return or exchange.

The customer shall bear the routine costs of returning the merchandise.

The obligation to return received payments shall be fulfilled within 30 days. For the customer the grace period starts with the date the cancellation is sent or the object is returned; for the vendor, Tilman Ritter Musikelektronik / RITTER Amplification the grace period begins with the receipt of the cancelation or the returned goods.

Return by express delivery or courier will not be reimbursed by  RITTER Amplification. Please do not return goods carriage forward, i.e. without paying for postage/transport. In particular, the return per express service, as offered by many private parcel delivery companies, will not be reimbursed by  RITTER Amplification.

In the case of goods being returned by customers ordering from abroad, you will unfortunately have to pay the costs of returning the goods yourself.
The goods must be in perfect condition.

The right of return may be refused, if there are any marks, scratches or stains etc which cannot be removed. Alternatively, the sum of money to be returned will be adjusted accordingly.

Please do not return the goods without paying the appropriate postage amount!