Camplifier 290

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180W mono oder 90W stereo Nachrüstendstufe für den Kemper Profiling Amplifier

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Power 180W max. @ 8 Ohm ; 2x90W @ 4ohm
Geeignet für Lautsprecher 8 oder 16 ohm mono ; 4, 8 oder 16 Ohm stereo
Lüfter ja - sehr leise !
Gewicht 1000g
Empfohlen für Zuhause, im Studio, Bandprobe, Club-Gigs, große Bühnen

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Camplifier 290

Mit dem Camplifier 290 verwandelst Du den KPA in ein vollwertiges Topteil, vergleichbar mit einem 100W Röhrentopteil.

Er liefert Dir die gleich mono Leistung wie der Camplifier 180 (180W).

Zusätlich kannst Du noch alle stereo Effekte des KPA voll nutzen.

Schließe einfach zwei Gitarrenboxen an und los gehts !

  • 180 Watt mono an 8 Ohm
  • 90 Watt stereo an 4 Ohm
  • 360 Watt maximal Leistung
  • Klinkeneingänge unsymetrisch
  • Speakon / Klinke Combi Lautsprecherbuchsen
  • beleuchteter Netzschalter
  • Kaltgerätenetzanschuß
  • Netzkabel im Lieferumfang
  • Gewicht: 1 kg

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Top notch device

I agree with other users. Plus, Mr Tilman Ritter is a kind man, he answered to all my questions before the buy.Thank you again, Mr Tilman for your kindness and your top notch device.


Fantastic product!

The Camplifier makes next to no noise, hardly adds any weight to the Kemper, and generates very little additional heat. I got the volume knob option on the 290, good choice to make. I'm thinking with this option I can easily adjust stage volume independently from the FOH signal. Amazing addition to the already amazing Kemper. Sounds, feels, and responds like an amp. Warmth, thump, and the "air" you would expect. Very pleased with the product and service from Ritter Amps! I am thrilled!



Hallo Tilman,

ich bin wirklich begeistert, vielen Dank! Ich habe den Kemper mit Camplifier jetzt im Bridge-Mode an einer Mesa Box 2x12 mit Black Shadows, 180 Watt an 8 Ohm. Besser geht es nicht!



If you're like me, you bought your Kemper without the power amp because you were too broke to afford the extra $600.00 or so. Then you kicked yourself in the ass because you realized that the Kemper is also a great live rig....Enter Tillman Ritter and his magic amp...In his association with Blue Amplification, Tillman has created a plug and play power amp for your Kemper. It's light, transparent and (if desired) really F***ing Loud. I opted for the 290 version; It took less than 5 minutes to install. I used it on two gigs almost immediately, one a quiet jazz gig and the other an "old time rock and roll " show. Tillman's amp proved to be exceptional in both venues; super quiet and warm for jazz, and then punchy and hard-hitting for the rock. I could dial up feedback any time I wanted, and the master volume was only 1/2 open!The amp has a cooling fan (I've read some concerns on various forums) but in my opinion the noise is a non-issue. (It's about as loud as your breathing). The other thing is the Camplifier is STEREO, which means in this era of version 3, you can use all those cool Kemper stereo effects...I could go on and on, but let me close by saying "buy this sucker; you will absolutely not be disappointed"!!! If you intend to buy, you should think hard about the optional cables available from Ritter. They're high end, well made and very affordable...

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Camplifier 290

Camplifier 290

180W mono oder 90W stereo Nachrüstendstufe für den Kemper Profiling Amplifier