Camplifier S2


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25W stereo Nachrüstendstufe für den Kemper Profiling Amplifier

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Technische Daten

Power 25W stereo max. an 4 Ohm
Geeignet für Lautsprecher 4 , 8 , oder 16 Ohm
Lüfter nein
Gewicht 900g
Empfohlen für Üben und aufnehmen zuhause ; Studio ; kleine Bar Gigs bis zu kleinen Clubs mit beiden Kanälen

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Camplifier S2

Die perfekte, kleine stereo Endstufe für Deinen KPA zuhause, im Studio, oder beim kleinen Bar Gig.

Kein Lüfter wird Deine Aufnahmen stören und durch ihre kompakte Bauweise hast Du sogar noch Platz für Kabel und anderes Zubehör im KPA.

  • Signal Eingang (von Direct OUT, Monitor OUT oder Main OUT)
  • 4ohm, 8ohm oder 16ohm Lautsprecherboxen können angeschlossen werden
  • 2 x 17W clean power @ 8 ohm
  • 2 x 25W clean power @ 4 ohm
  • 2 x 9W clean power @ 16 ohm
  • Gewicht : 900 g inklusive Steckernetzteil
  • lüfterlos = geräuschlos !
  • 110V - 240V / 50Hz - 60Hz weltweit einsetzbar

Mehr Informationen findest Du hier auf der digital guitar gear Webseite !



Camplifier S2 into Yamaha 2x12 Cabinet

I knew I wanted a stereo Camplifier for my Kemper, but I wasn't sure if the S2 would have enough power. I sent Tilman the specs for my Yamaha THRC212 2x12 Guitar Cabinet, asking his opinion. He advised, based on my needs and the efficiency of this guitar cabinet, that the S2 should be loud enough. He did not try to "up-sell" me to the more powerful/expensive units. He was right. The combination of the S2 and my 2x12 cabinet is plenty loud for playing at home or in a bar setting (where my amps are almost always mic'd). I highly recommend the Camplifier for use with the Kemper and speaker cabinet!

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After trying just about every possible combination of frfr speakers and pa speakers with my PA, the camplifier with a traditional cabinet (and cabinet modeling turned off) absolutely has the best and most authentic tone. I am very pleased and highly recommend it. Customer support has been great with fast responses to my random questions.
This particular model is perfect volume for my small combo.


Great KPA add on!

Due to the Camplifier S2, my KPA has become a serious competitor for my tube amps and its loud!

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Camplifier S2

Camplifier S2

25W stereo Nachrüstendstufe für den Kemper Profiling Amplifier